marți, 5 septembrie 2017

People Aren’t Permanent

People leave and it’s a normal thing. Perhaps it’s time to see it from the other point of view as well, just imagine that the other person started a new book and, unfortunately, you’re not a character anymore. Would you blame a person for wanting to read other books? Change is a natural process and we need to accept the fact that it applies to humans as well. The Earth moves, the seasons change, yet we expect people to stay the same. 

And I don’t want to tell you to stop crying your heart out or to stop blaming yourself or the other person because those reactions are natural as well. It’s okay for you to be hurt for awhile but at one point you’ll have to get rid of these feelings so your wounds can heal without leaving a scar on your soul. We need to start seeing the leaving of a person as a positive thing as well, see it as an oportunity to evolve and spend more time and energy on yourself, start to learn how to enjoy your own company because, after all, you are the only person that won’t ever leave you. 

Do you think the sky cries every time the moon leaves? No, because then he’ll have the sun. What I wanted to say by that is that people leave, but there will always be new people entering your life, you just need to have patience.

As a person that left others and have been left by others I just wanted to tell you to stop judging people so harshly for their decisions, chances are you’ll never really know what reasons they had. From my experience, as hard as we try to think about other people, we are still egotistical creatures, as much as we try to fight our nature in the end we’ll just do what we consider is the best thing for us. And now I don’t want you to be like “oh, so I wasn’t good enough for him/her” and think that it’s a bad thing. Everyone of us has different needs or want specific things, sometimes you won’t be good for a person but you’ll be perfect for another one. Think of it as you are a piece of a puzzle, you won’t always fit , but one day you’ll be that missing piece a person was lookin for. 

Oh, another thing. Let’s stop being fake and lying to ourselves, I’m sick of hearing people say that they will never leave a person behind. Let me tell you something, you’ll probably get offended, but it’s the truth. Maybe your present self won’t leave anyone but you haven’t met your future self, you don’t know what reasons she might have, and honestly as much as you’d like to think about yourself as a person that would never do that, chances are that you might have already done it without even realising. 

I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with me at the moment because your wounds are still fresh and I know how hard it is to see the bright side while you’re hurting but I just hope that reading this will help some of you heal the right way.

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