luni, 11 decembrie 2017


Let me bite your pain until I drown in sorrow.
Let me stain my hands with all of your sins.
Let me stare in your eyes so I can see the reflection off the devil that stands in front of you.

Let me stroke your hair until all of your nightmares leaves your mind.
Let me get to your core and let you empty inside.
Let me touch your skin so I can mark you as mine.
Let me take down your walls and be the one that owns you.

Let me hold your hands so you won’t ever run.
Let me tie you in affection and cover you in love until your broken pieces stick back together.
Let me kiss you and take all of your freedom.

Let me meet your demons so I can give them my soul instead.
Let me breath your fear until my lungs colapse.
Let me give you my heart so I could play with your mind.

Let me paint you a smile with my own happiness.
Let me lick your wounds with my venomous tongue.
Let me hold you closer until you’ll die in my arms.

Let me make you mine
---- for the last time.

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